19 Oct 2020

New feature e-GDS: Guest Reviewer

Now it's possible to respond to comments left by your guests on directly from your e-GDS Backoffice.

Yes, that's right! Comments shared on the portal can be answered directly from the e-GDS backoffice. No big complications. No big efforts.

This is a new feature developed in partnership with for your convenience: be sure to respond to your customers, now in a simpler and more efficient way! Don't waste time entering the platform to answer comments when you can do it directly in your Channel Manager.

Simple, isn't it?

So, the possibility of creating promotions for directly in the e-GDS backoffice, to communicate No-Shows and Invalid Credit Cards, is added to this new feature so that you are in permanent contact with your customer.

Discover it and experience it now: Guest Reviewer on

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