01 May 2020

4 Tips to stay competitive in the market

Are you having trouble positioning yourself in the market? You want to be competitive, but you don't know where to start?
Do not leave communication, interaction, and positioning in the background. We share some ideas that you should review:

- Be sure to communicate on social networks

Invest in your brand and your communication strategy. Remember that being online is not the same as knowing how to be online. Improve your communication, the way you interact and how you share.

Continuing to be active on social networks correctly and coherently will help to keep your company in the memory of your clients that continues to work to maintain the standards that have accustomed them. As soon as this moment end, they will remember your communication and will want to come back to you.

- Create promotions for long stays

Promotions, special offers, last-minute offers will help you to be competitive and ensure profitability in direct sales through your booking engine.

Promotions for long stays will also help to reduce other costs such as laundry, attendance at the reception and to have better prices for long stays can reduce the price for offers without breakfast.

- Know the habits and preferences of your customers

Your client's needs and expectations are always changing. This is a guaranteed fact that you should always take notice. In this case, and given the economic state that we are going through, it forces us to adjust the sales and communication strategy. Understanding what is most important in the client's journey will help to cut costs that will least affect your client.

- Think about the Future

Planning, defining short- and long-term objectives are fundamental not only to be competitive in the market but also to gain an advantage over direct competitors.

Follow the evolution of the hotel sector, the trends and what technology can offer and assist you.

Be smart and don't just sit back. Acting today is fundamental to the future.

Take our hint: stop and think about what's unique at your business. What makes your hotel better than your competitors? Make a list and work on those points!

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