e-GDS is specialized in the design and development of unique solutions that can enhance business and improve processes. Founded in 1997, e-GDS has more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality market, adding valuable solutions for hoteliers and customers.

Aware of the rapid and continuous evolution of technologies and their impact on profitability and reputation of our customers, we are dedicated to provide solutions that can boost your business through online, embracing all systems and structures involved in business operations, from direct contact with consumers and suppliers, market analysis, investment analysis to research of economic and market conditions.

We also make available to our customers a range array of systems that interrelate and interact with other systems and infrastructure that can serve as the e-commerce.

e-GDS solutions are fully integrated into a single platform and database for managing online hotel business. All software solutions are multi-lingual, multi-currency and suitable for all type of hospitality business and web-based so can be used all over the world.